How to Write Engaging and Satisfying Stories?


Writing is the habit of many people. Some people like to maintain regular writing in a diary or in a note. Some people like to keep it for themselves and some like to share thoughts with the world. The internet is a great way to share anything. People from anywhere around the world may find you. Writing is an art and people like to create something amazing with the pen. If the story is interesting the people will love to read. A story writing mainly focuses on a particular story board which propel towards a meaningful conclusion. It depends on a framework, outline and scale folding decisions with a presenting skill. A story is a magical element which has rationalism to attract people. Story is an essential and playful activity which everyone loves to read. Story can be for children, for adults, adventurous, drama, comics, funny, love story or educational. Stories can differ according to internal and external worlds of an individual. Basically any story consists of characters performing certain things, actions for within particular settings. Creating satisfying and engaging story needs a fine super structure which can act as a mile maker. Story always starts with the introduction of the central characters and content that consists of relationship and suspense structure.

People are quite busy now-a-days in their daily life to read loads of words and sentence that does not have any meaning. So, your story should be interesting enough to attract readers to finish it. For writing a children you need to make it adventurous, funny, and creative with many images. Regular storyline contains many characters. You should introduce your characters in an amazing way and emphasize more on the central characters. Then there are locations, descriptions and certain conversations. Use them efficiently in your content. Your content engages someone’s core sense and motivate them. It is always said that pain is more powerful than a sword. Divide your story into short paragraphs, so that it would not seem never-ending. Focus on a moral and evolve your story according to that. In the movies, there are picturisation of everything, where the filmmakers show you certain meaning but by reading a story people start to imagine things which involves mood of the readers. Make more scenes and chapters in the content and finally bring it to an ending. Most people love happy endings. Even a not-so-good story becomes popular with a perfect ending. Always know how to end your story. The end should be a resolution of all the events and drama described in the middle part.

You must have read the Romeo and Juliet, how interesting each part and the ending is something amazing after all. You may create something happily ever after. The romance stories should contain such thing with an anticlimax. The historical stories should end with brief summing up by the survivor. If you want to write something amazing be more creative with the word placement and use many ways to create suspense and a perfect ending after all.

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