Why Instagram has become so popular?


Instagram is the social media platform used for sharing photos and videos. This platform has become so popular that it achieved 100 million active users only 2 and half years after launch of the app. So, let’s take a look at the cool facts, which make it more popular.

People are much inclined to the social media channels these days. We always like to share common things with our group, where social media is an effective way to tell others about our activities (such as, where we are going, what we are doing, eating, buying, etc.). With image sharing, Instagram does not only tell your activities, it also gives the users little creativity to add and share your piece of digital art.

Thanks to the modern day Smartphones, those are equipped with good quality camera. These phones have become cheap, affordable and ubiquitous. People can now click great quality photos more often and share photos in the social media.

The best part of using Instagram is that it can make an ordinary photo look absolutely beautiful. It allows the users to expert their creativity choosing the best suitable filter for a photo. Basically, it fills the gap and gives people the ideas to embellish in a short video or image. It’s more fun when selecting a blurring option or any other cool features. For example; if you took a picture of something and chose the vintage option, then it converts a photo into pleasant click and washes out what’s not looking good.

Sometimes if words are hard to explain, a photo conveys it all. You can post your status anytime and include the hash tags.

It is a free social media tool. You can download it on iTunes; it is also available in Android version Smartphones as well.

Everything is pretty simple in Instagram. It does not need a complicated help page to run. You just have to snap a picture, edit, caption and then hit the share button. It is quite easy to learn the use of filters, boarders and other special effects. People with little artistic ability can transform the looks of images drastically.
Instagram also has many features for businesses to promote. Due to a large audience base in this media, you can certainly gain attention of many people.

The little APIs from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and many other social networks, lets you share your content from one single screen to multiple channels.

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