What makes playtime so important for your child’s development


Children are always fond of playing indoor or outdoor games. It’s not just a fun activity, it is rather a form of learning and practice various physical activity. Many pre-schools and schools include all playground equipments to encourage children. Parents are now much focused about offering their kids an enriched playing environment.

Technology enhancements have highly affected our modern world; where we always spend much time on the electronic gadgets. Children mostly stay busy with video games these days and avoid physical activities. Sometimes parents also do not allow kids to play outside because of the possible infections, diseases and allergies. This is a wrong concept and it’s important to know benefits of outside sports. Below is a brief discussion about playtime and its impact on children.

We always know physical activity always promotes overall health for people all age group. Sports and other outdoor games build muscle strength, promote cardiovascular fitness and increase body stamina. Involving in climbing, swinging and sliding increases heart rate and maintains a healthy blood flow rate.

Some games need deep physical activity while some needs body and mind coordination. Play is not just a luxury, it is the necessity. Some navigation based games improve motor skills and boosts brain functions. Some of the games are based on educational purpose and makes the kids learn things quickly.

Let your kids choose the game they want to. It might be one or two activity at the same time. Choose activities depending what interests your kids more. It may be soccer, swimming, drama or playing with musical instruments. Take your kids to some new area to experience the beauty of environment. Sea sight, river bank, wooded area or sand piles are some fun places to explore. Breathing fresh air reduces chance of spreading infections and makes the body immune against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Simple toys are great way to make your kids happy. Pots, pans, building blocks, crayons, papers and paints are some of the common things to entertain kids. As long as they have free time, they will be involved with simple games, which will increase their urge to explore new kicks and turns. Some imaginary games help your child to learn how to react in real situations.

Your child will develop social activity and learn environmental behavior with the outdoor games. These activities bring a form of learning and opportunity to practice active leadership, decision making with confidence. They will learn the rules of game or anything and absorb information from the surrounding.

Every parent’s and teacher’s concern is to make the kids learn healthy habits. There is no better way than physical activity to help your children improve. Choose various games such as adventure plays, educational play, musical play, fun-dos, etc. Let your kid be busy with the healthy habits of outdoor games. Childhood is all about having fun with some delighting experiences. Provide your child a healthy and amazing atmosphere to develop in future.


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