Tourist Guide for First Time Visitors to Turkey


Traveling to Turkey can be an experience like no other. Located in between two major continents, one part of it lies in Europe and the rest in Asia popularly known as Middle East. Regardless of where you visit in Turkey, there are gorgeous and beautiful landscapes. There are many languages spoken in modern day Turkey. These include Turkish which is their official language, as well as Greek, Kurdish and Arabic. If you are traveling from Western Europe, it’s not mandatory that you have a Visa unless you live in Great Britain; but if you are corning from other areas, you will then need your Visa or a passport.

The transportation to and around Turkey is contemporary, so there are plenty of options to choose, from buses, to trains, to taxi cabs. Taxis are the main form of public transportation, and drivers welcome tourists who need to go not only to the main cities but also towns that lie on the outskirts. The buses are modernized as well and very comfortable for travel. Some of the buses offers snack and a drink on a particularly long ride. They will even stop at restaurants every few hours if you are traveling outside the main sections of the nation. When driving through Turkey you need to be fairly careful, as traffic accident rates are usually high. The roads tend to be in relatively poor condition. So if your trek will take you off the beaten path, it might be better to take a bus or car service to take you where you need to go. It is worth it though, since there are quite many great things you can do in Turkey.

Turkey’s ski areas are extremely popular. During the winter season, they are the highlight of the country. In the warmer months there is plenty to do as well if you are adventurous and want to take a rafting tour or relax on a yacht for the day. The possibilities are endless. The culture itself is amazing. With innumerable great cuisines that consist of lamb, Turkish coffee, and incredible desserts you need to be sure to walk off some of the calories you consume throughout a day. To do that you can enjoy some of the Turkish history at museums and landmarks in just about every major city. Turkey is really famous for their large species of wildlife animals. It’s one of those few countries in the entire world that has kept their ecological equilibrium. In Turkey many of rare wildlife species are protected by the government. The landscape, the culture, and the history of Turkey are so important to the country, that you would be wise to try to take it all in while you have the opportunity. In conclusion for you to be allowed to tour Turkey, you must then apply for Turkish Visas so as to be allowed to tour the country if you are not a Turkish citizen as the Turkish law requires so as not have any immigration issues with the Turkish officials during your tour to Turkey.

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