Top 5 Educational Apps for Parent and Children


The development of Smartphones has given us a new way of living. All the Android, iOS and Windows Smartphones do not only look classy in our hands, but also features thousands of apps to boost our lifestyle. Some of the apps are very useful in our life, some are entertaining and some are educational. Parents are quite afraid to give their children the Smartphones as they are afraid that these might misguide the children. However, there might be countless apps not meant for children, but there are certain apps which can help your kids in many ways. You can avoid all the violent games instead teach the educational things available in the apps. Some people misguide that all the children apps are games and cartoon type. Many companies released specific apps helpful for kids, some of them might come handy for you. Some of them are available free of cost while some charge money. Spending money on these totally worth it. So, I have listed the top 5 educational apps to help you and your child, so that you do not have to search all the way to find the useful ones.

Endless Alphabet: -

It is a joyful collection of words, and monsters to explain them the words. This app is sorted alphabetically and each word gets children to drag the letters into place. After dragging the words a colorful characterized animation is shown in its definition to the children. There are certain ads, and you can remove them easily with a single 69p in-app purchase. This app is available in both free and paid versions.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math: -

You may want to teach your kids maths in an interesting way. It has outstanding video referential tool helpful for finding solution to many math problems. It features many searchable video tutorials of algebra and geometry. Who does not want to be a math genius. So, here is the math app for your kids and learn all the interesting facts about your favorite subject. Pre-algebra and Algebra-II is the most interesting features of this app. All middle school and high school children can use it. This might not be an interesting one you are looking for but, you can learn a lot.

Comics in the Classroom: -

Any kids would love to read comic books. It is always their favorite. But, what if the comics are educational. ‘Comics in Classroom’ is an interesting app for teaching history to children through digital comics. It is both entertaining and influencing. This app features Pearl Harbour, Florence Nightingale,  Jack the Ripper and many other historical stories. Children can understand well with the pictures. This app is available in free and paid version. The paid version includes additional comics.

My First 101 Words: -

Little children can learn their first words using video rather than text. There is no narration, but a video clip is demonstrated with the word. It is the paid app available for iOS devices.

Funbrain Jr.: -

It features numbers, letters and patterns helpful for preschool children. Quirky characters are shown where kids have to find out which one is the largest number set. Clicking on the correct picture completes the pattern.

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