Top 5 Best Food Items Served by Scoma’s


Scoma’s is a steeped seafood restaurant serves an Italian seafood menu in a San Francisco style. Italian Cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines around the world. Italian seafood is most popular among people. The creamy, cheesy and yummy tasting seafood is delicious, makes everyone to grab a bite. San Francisco is the famous restaurant city has all star restaurants to street food. The chefs here are highly skilled and bring all delicious food made up of local ingredients, spices from the famous international market. If you are searching for a good restaurant in the city, Scoma’s might be the best option for you. It is the family operated business operated by Al and Joe Scoma brothers. They started the restaurant with their mother’s recipe collection and created nation’s highest grossing independent restaurants. The quintessential dining is one of the favorite dining destinations among people in the city. Seafood does not go any fresher than here. Sustainable and fresh food is the choice of everyone. The chefs in Scoma’s change the menu with season’s freshest catch. The restaurant prepares some delicious items that everyone loves. If you are planning to go to Scoma’s, here I have listed the food items you should never miss.

Among all other crab dishes, the crab cakes are widely popular. Sometimes these are offered to you as hamburger bun or an open faced sandwich. Blue and Dungeness crabs are tastier than any other type.  Preparing these foods is a nice work of art. Adding some seasonings and veggies add highlights the sweetness of its meat. Seared in a pan or deep fried dishes are some of the delicious food to crave for. Though these are bit expensive, but you won’t hesitate spending a lot of such yummy tasty food. Delicacy of these meats always has given better bite. There is no better way to warm up during the long winter days with some sunshine filled days than having luscious savory crab cakes on your dining table. Cioppino is the San Francisco originated Italian-American dish which is made up of little bit every seafood from the sea according to seasons’ fresh pick. The spicy curry contains scallops, shrimps, crab meat, mussels with the added seasonings of thyme, orange, basil. It tastes delighting with warm and crusty bread. The traditional creamy clam chowder is another flavorful dish mainly served with oyster crackers. The added milk is very beneficial for health and skin. Scoma’s clam chowder is very substantial, thick and full of clams. Shrimp and scallop alla Gannon is another finest dish you would surely want to eat. The seared shrimp and scallops with steamed vegetables is healthy and delicious food combination. Lobster bisque is more than amazing. Apart from the delicious dishes, desserts and amazing collection of drink is perfect addition to your dining.

Scoma’s looks like a tourist attraction because of the location near Fisherman’s Wharf with amazing Bay views. Come and enjoy your private party, group dining, with friends and family or have a perfect dinner with your mate.


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