The Project Hololens by Microsoft


Technology has been evolving and emerging day by day. Microsoft is the real winner for giving the world the best things with technology. Some of the most ambitious projects of the company have brought a new view to the world. Computers are getting more powerful and smaller.

The project HoloLens is one of the most anticipated technological empowerment which refers to the head-mounted holographic computer. It takes you to a virtual and real world. There are a lot of similar devices, but some of the additional features make it a real win. Microsoft products are always polished, immersive than other competitors. The device contains superimpose holograms onto the very living world according to you. The tiny device combines our physical world into the real world. We are looking forward for a new generation of computer from this super cool gadget.

Microsoft has taken a new leap for investing in augmented reality rather than pursuing virtual reality. It is quite amazing to hear the sound of holograms behind you, coming from the very own inbuilt computer. Basically, your hologram device does not need a secondary device, it has its own CPU and GPU, accompanied with one holographic processing unit (commonly referred as HPU). It runs on Windows 10 version and works on full wireless technology. There in no external cameras, phones or, markers to work on. The company is keen on adding potential for this device with 3D print Holograms.

With an amazing introduction to the world, Microsoft unveiled the features of this device along with the Windows 10 launch. Our environment is meant to extend with technology and we use everything comes with time. Starting from the mobiles, computers to all tiny regular accessories, we are blended up well according to new improvements.

The HoloLens can identify, where the wearer is looking at and makes it easy to change the UI according to scenery. It also has the ability to launch apps. The developers are now working on the apps.

If you have seen the video, you can realize, how Microsoft has outlined the features displayed on the refrigerator. The application list has projected on the wall and all over the house. The motorcycle design is shown efficiently on the featured video. The device has finger pointing and voice commands control on the projected holograms. Every Windows 10 device is enabled with these features.

The developers at Microsoft have combined Windows holographic and Hololens to create a masterpiece as a virtual 3D quadrocopter. There are always a lot of expectations from the Microsoft devices. We saw the real world creation of 3D interpretation in our regular life. The device looks like a headphone, but definitely it brings some outstanding piece of mastermind imposed by technology.

Though Microsoft has not announced any release for the HoloLens, the world is eagerly waiting for the technical updates and enhancements.


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