San Francisco- Best Places to enjoy in the USA


What can we say about the beautiful city. Surrounded by the Bay and decorated by the beautiful Bay Area hills, the city has a lot of things to offer. There are beautiful scenic places everywhere in the city, where you can enjoy the natural beauty. A beautiful weather all over the year is the most amazing thing about the city. This adds more fun to your enjoyment. People love roaming around the city by walking on feet because of the extended areas, it is marked as the most walkable city. There are many public transits and bikers also love to visit here. Silicon Valley is one of the best things for which people from everywhere around the world stay here. It has the glory of one of the richest city in the USA with most vibrant culture. Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and many other big companies of the world have headquarters in here. If you are expecting to enjoy scenic wonders and the night life, there is no better place you should go in the USA. Many savvy travelers come here every day to watch the scenic view of the Bay, eat good food (because it is quite popular as the restaurant city), and enjoy some adventurous moments.

Watching the world famous monument, The Golden Gate Bridge is a good idea to start in the first place.     This has become city’s famous tourist attraction. Go to the Pavilion within 9AM to 6 PM and know the history of it. You can also try cruising here to watch closer. Walk around the place, go on a vehicle and stop for a while to watch the scenic sunset reflection on water. If you are in San Francisco and have not tried sailing, then you would miss the thrill. Plan for a sailing adventure on the never ending water surface when the weather is supported with a consistent wind breeze and mild temperature. Alcatraz is the infamous prison with not used omnious buildings. Many Hollywood film suiting in here has made the place famous, which drags many travelers every year. Art galleries, music Fest, jazz clubs and cultural events are quite common here. The Modern Art Museum has some of the famous paintings, architecture, design and spectacular photography. Another thing to do is sightseeing as you are discovering a number of scenic areas to get introduced city’s history and famous tales. On small planes fly over the Bay and watch the whole city from upside. You can also ride on Cable Cars. The famous Yosemite National Park is famous with natural beauty and fresh air. San Francisco is known as restaurant city in the USA. Many big five star restaurants to street foods everything available here, vary from high to less price. Many international Cuisines such as Chinese, Asian, Mexican and Italian Cuisines all are there in everywhere. People come here to experience fresh seafood available in famous seafood restaurants.

Plan a trip with your family or group and experience all the panoramic view, food, music and natural beauty. Enjoy the warm weather and multitude of activities and attractions.

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