How to Remove Bad Links from Your Website?


SEO is the key to success in business by optimizing online. There are certain terms, rules and guidelines to follow for higher rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Higher rank means more money. But, sometimes even a little mistake can alter everything. You can get highly penalized for these. The internet is a very big thing where lots of people get their website rank very quickly and in this hurry people make links to the website which google considers as spam. If you hire a bad SEO engaged with a bunch of spammy links, damage costs too much. Undoing the whole thing is even tougher. Every business wants to gain more profit through which one can achieve certain goals. But, use of poor tactics of such as building low quality backlinks in a website, and search engine spamming can mislead traffic resulting dry up in sales. Basically, this is called negative SEO which refers to the black hat technique to sabotage ranking in search engines, but it does not end up well. It was before, using such technique makes you famous. Google has realized the things and continually altering the algorithm. Now Google is always one step ahead of you. If you are using bad SEO, or someone (may be your competitor in business) is trying to add the bad backlinks pointing towards your website, there is a procedure to remove them.

Before changing anything, take a look if the bad links are troubling your business. Check all the backlinks and create a manual list of, which have SEO value and which have not. If some links look suspicious to you, check manually each of them. The most common backlinks are from bad social bookmarking websites, pages with very less content, pages with duplicate content, link from the irrelevant websites, content and directories. Sometimes, there are links which are hidden from the user. Some forums from irrelevant spammy sites are also examples of the attack. After digging through the bad links, go to the source and find any contact of the sites. Well, there are some tools which can help you further. The Google webmaster tool is the best among all and available free of cost. If you find a large amount of links coming to your website through a single domain, use the Webmaster. Now, detect them first  and get rid of them using the best tool. Either you can contact each site owner of the spammy websites and ask to remove them from your site or, clarify Google that you do not want the links. Sometimes the spammy website owners even charge you money around $50 to remove. Sometimes, you could not remove by contacting the owners of the website, the best process is to claim Google using Webmasters. The last thing you can do is changing domain of your website and launch your website again with a new domain name. It cancels all your bad reputation and gives you a fresh start to run a business. Focusing on high quality links is the best and the safest idea of SEO. If you are in such problem find out the error and get your business back.


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