Why some people are too much fond of animals


There are many people keep pets and love the animals more than human being. Some of them like cats, dogs, birds, other domestic or wild animals. Playing with animals, chasing, harassing and snuggling with them gives a lot of fun. There are myriad reasons that show our love for the animals. People think of pet as some kind of ornaments. Human-animal bonding is something extraordinary that is never so easy to express in words. From a research, it is found that 60 to 80 percent of people, dogs sleep with their owners. There are people in the world, who are really selfish, sometimes hurt our emotions really bad. Many find loving animals so easier than the people sitting next to them. Humans are so difficult to deal with. There are many amazing people on this earth for sure, but the pets are so amazing with their innocent eyes and cute face. The magic elixir about animals is that, they are enormously and unconditionally in love with us. With humans, we always expect things, emotions, but these little pet animals are never selfish towards us. Some may find this is cynical, but it is the true fact. Form a study, it is revealed that in contact with the pets, stress, blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety and tension decreases, because we always try to share things with them. Though they never reply, but we do that.

The pets are the living, breathing and the stuffed animals and they make squeaky high-pitched noises, when we try to cuddle with them. There are people, who are more comfortable with the animals than the humans. It may sound annoying, but we are humans and there are certain human facts that may be the untrustworthy, evil and lousy. But, the pets are very much generous, kind and loyal companions in life. These cute pets never judge you, but only love you regardless of any factors. Dogs sometimes understand your emotions and they do whatever you teach them. They bark at strangers, but lovely with you. They protect you, care about you, and love you, what else we would want from them. If you are a good animal lover and love to take care of them properly. You should know what time they are hungry and they also want some fresh air. So, you should take them outside. Since, humans are dominant animals, they should always take care of the innocent and helpless animals.

In many of the homes, you can easily find dogs and cats. People loving them are very much kind hearted and always love to take care of them properly. We used to think, that only humans use the sophisticated way to make conversation with each other, but the things wrong and we are always attracted to the pets for the way they are. These nonhuman animals are pretty much useful also. So, take care of your pets, love them and you will create an extraordinary bond with them.

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