What Makes IPL More Interesting ?


IPL (Indian Premier League) is the T20 format cricket gaining maximum popularity all over the world. Now-a-days this format game is getting much popularity. Before cricket was played as test format and one-day format. It takes a lot of time to watch the game. Best sports like soccer, basketball, tennis and hockey last only for 2 to 3 hour duration. To make cricket more attractive sport this format has created and taking the world by surprise.  The Time-Frame appeals to a bigger audience. Other popular sports like football, tennis, hockey etc, last only about 2 to 3 hours. Since this pattern has been introduced in cricket, people are enjoying a lot. T20 has 3 hours of powerful action, lots of 4s and 6s, wickets, catches, and run outs. Things go on so rapidly in such a short time that, more viewers are getting attracted day by day. Due to these facts, cricket is getting more globalized. In this format of the game you can not predict. Everything changes so suddenly that every match becomes till the end. New shots, techniques and regulation have emerged. Less established teams also participate and do not get constantly thrashed. A team tries to score much more for the short timing, so big hits come out of each ball.

Cricket is the most popular game in India. So, IPL introduced as a league match and you can see lots of outside players as well as Indian players also getting popular. In each match stadium becomes full with large number of audiences. Everyone is learning how to respect all international players. IPL is like a money spinning racket. To keep the money’s worth, players need to have some seriousness and concentration. Each player in this game, possess killing and stunning personality. In each match, players have the opportunity to become a star. Even if a team is playing very nice nobody knows how it will perform in the knock out stages. One bad performance can change everything. Talking about the famous players, everybody loves Dhoni’s helicopter shot, Dilshan’s big hits, Gayle’s tremendous sixes, Malinga’s awesome bowling, High scores of Suresh Raina, ups and down of each team as well as players. Chennai Super Kings, Kings XI Punjab, Mumbai Indians, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight riders are the successful and popular teams. A new introduced fact known as Playoffs give a chance to play in the finals even who have lost in the qualifying. Apart from the players and the game, cheerleaders are getting much popular. Their mesmerizing dance after each part of the game is an attraction for the viewers.

All the twists and turns sometimes make you worried about the system of the game. Each year’s game the IPL is getting more innovative to make more pageant, better and bigger. Since, all the league matches goes on more than one month duration, it is quite fun to switch on TV and find so much fun every evening. From youngsters to all generations, this game is appropriate for some valuable experience.


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