What Makes Games, Engaging?


Computer and mobile games are on the rage. Due to the Smartphone popularity lots of amazing apps and plays are there to keep you engaged. Also social media platforms like Facebook has lots of game apps apart from all the exciting features it has. Gaming brings a world of unlimited fun. It makes you feel like you are in it and you are the hero. Designers and developers endeavor to create a masterpiece. Improvement of epistemic games is keeping us engaged in leisure time. Gamers spent many hours saving the princess, killing monsters, dodging bullet fire, collecting coins and some amazing features. So we can say the game has high impact on our society. Measuring the impacts on society, games encourage/discourage social violence, nurture laziness and inspire creativity of people. Some exciting features in famous plays make everyone addicted in the first place. Features like destroying zombies, collecting coins, snipe aliens or, discovering the mystery of ancient tombs drives everyone to play more. Creating an app which people like needs some elements and facts. These are the rules, challenges, goals, stories, interactions, and outcomes, make a game more real and exciting.

Coming to the point rules, is the thing that imposes fairness. It makes the players feel safe and can face the challenges. Human needs some limit and structure a game, so that a player can assess if they are capable to accomplish the goal before the end. Video games excel can hardly be broken compared with other types. Another fact is, rules are programmed into the software so that they can hardly be broken. This becomes an extra safety protection layer, which makes a player to play more. So, good video games create adaptive rules; endow power to design their own by choosing different levels, scenarios and roles. So it enhances players’ self-esteem and motivates the gamer. All the games have a goal to finish, which stimulates hunger of a gamer. A pleasurable frustration is implied to develop strategy to achieve the aim. Some challenges and hurdles in the game come at any moment. So player feels like a hero after succeeding from that challenge. Result and feedback measures the outcome of a player’s performance. These facts improve for more motivation to continue playing. Numerous stories are inlaid in a game to achieve certain goal. Stories need to be interesting and engaging. Gamers play certain levels to get the story and achieve goal in the end.

Developers include many tricky mind games so that a player can observe more and can know better. Technology development and visual effects are another important fact. When used correctly, video games hold the potential to show us the world through a different set of lenses – to craft experiences that engage our mind both cognitively and socially and ultimately make us feel like an active participant in shaping our destiny. Play more games and be engaged in your leisure time. Follow the rules, stories and shapes of a game. Get more coins to buy exciting features. Enjoy the gaming experience with the use of developed technology.



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