What You Should Know About Microsoft Surface


Microsoft Surface included by the Microsoft company, is a series of tablets having all the features like a laptop. This windows powered tablet claims to replace your laptop. The company released these devices on 12th June, 2012. This release is the big initiative to make a product combine both the hardware and software of own.  Surface RT and Surface Pro are the two debut models of the series. Surface 2 and Pro 2 released after that. Pro 3 is the newest addition to the series and is all set to release on 20th June, 2014. This newly designed hardware has got positive reviews from every point of view. It uses the molded magnesium casing with a PVC finish and a built in kickstand to use for propped out view. These devices use the modern windows 8 UI for ideal for touch screen operations. On the start menu, this mode consists a bunch of colorful squares containing information. Surface tablets have been a tough competition for iPad. It possesses tricky version of software of a laptop mode. So we can say, such devices have full laptop mode application with an inbuilt tablet mode of operation. The external keyboard is the main point of attraction. Here are some features about all these awesome devices.

Microsoft has included one extraordinary Touch cover, that has a super-thin, soft cover with pressure-sensitive keys. This makes the tablets more capable than any others. The spacing and Layout has between keys has made the tablets inevitable and constant. Due to the detachable keyboard is made so slim, you cannot hold the device on your lap like the common laptops. However, it is small, easily portable and extra slim fits to hold comfortably. If you are searching from a tablet to behave like a laptop, then you have to find a table first. Since a hyper designed kickstand is included many buyers getting attracted to buy one. Although the tablets use windows, Microsoft has built different version of the operating system of Windows for the device. So it can not run regular laptop mode programs. So, from a starch to the new app ecosystem is a hard but worth for such a nice device. Since, everyone and every computer device use Windows, soon many apps are getting developed. Android devices and iPhones basically use non cloud data, including highly expensive dongles and not so good softwares. So the Surface series is built in with a USB port to plug in hard drive and USB flash drives more like a laptop.

High Definition display, unique keyboards with protective cover, a Pen, built in two cameras, kickstand, stereo speakers, volume control, headset, storage capacity, built in sensors, high quality CPU storage RAM are some of the exciting features of the Microsoft’s Surface series. If you have not tried out one, go and get one from the stores. Access your laptop in a tablet way anytime, anywhere you go. Always keep your personal data with you. Make your life better with the development of technology and the newly designed assets.


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