Key Elements of Mobile Web Design


Each year we find new web design elements and emerge day by day. So, a lot of things have changed now-a-days for designing a website, especially after the Smartphones development. Your website will be more better, if you cooperate with changing technology. It is witnessed that the way of people accessing the internet has shown a rapid change. PC web design has been shifted to Smartphones and tablets and it is the primary focus. In 2014, it is projected that mobile internet usage will take over the PC usage as, more than 60 percent users are claiming to purchase products from a mobile friendly website. Tablets and Mobile phones are small, handy and easily portable. Also, these devices come with lots of new exciting features and applications, people are getting crazy about them. Basically the mobile websites are the heavy text version of the main site. Designing for functionality and quick download time is crucial for mobile websites. Basic principles of making a website need to approach some basic needs like how your customers want to see and what devices they are using. Take a thoughtful look at your website’s user experience and decide according to that. This brand new page fulfills the need of desktop, mobile and tablets as well. Previously, you had to design for each version of screen. But responsive web design has started a new era, which is the addition of a mobile site to the existing version of PC site. This is not a tough task, as your original site does not change.

Responsive Web design refers to a site that can apt any screen size. These are made in a way to be sensible for width and height of the device screen. A phones screen requires a simpler navigation function focusing towards content. Images are made smaller and more appropriate content flow. Presenting the site with easy to use interface without much clutter combines functionality with usability. Though it is not designed in app version, but totally gives an app like experience. These types of sites can sense device screen viewing them and reorganize automatically. This is the main reason for which one website gives a great sense everywhere and any screen. Sites made for traditional desktops show full blown interface having video content, big HD images, and other required animations. But, in a Smartphone there is no requirement for such things. Smartphone usually gets the simplified version of the webpage so that people will have faster browsing experience. Tablets usually get the simplified version, but modified than mobile screen ones which lies in between PC and mobile. ECommerce entrepreneurs prefer creating such sites that opt to reach the maximum number of visitors online.

Before moving forward, study the rules of Google Analytics, because most of your customers come from Google only. Give priority to testing, design and launch. You have to keep up with the changing technology all the time to be successful in business and now get your customers from mobile sales.


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