How Video Games Impacts our Society


Parents always think of video games like junk food; means games are waste of time and have negative impact on the kids. Some education experts even think that playing these games can corrupt mind. These are some facts easily accused by the media and some experts. Some people convey video games are the reason for some young people’s anti-social behavior. But, from several studies, psychologists and scientists find video games actually have many benefits. However, there are some bad effects associated with these. So, let’s discuss the good and bad about these digital video games.

The Good factors of video games: -
While playing video games, brain gets involved in a real work out. Many games are there, which requires high level of thinking and skills to clear the levels. These skills are not taught in school or anywhere else. So, it helps to enhance mental skills.
• Instructions and game rules: Every game has its own rules and instructions. While a child plays any game, he/she has to follow the instructions to clear levels and win the game.
• Learn to solve problems: At each stage or level, some problem appears. It can appear at any moment in a game as well. It’s certainly crucial that how a child trains his/her brain to come up with new ideas and solutions to solve the problems and puzzles.
• Hand and eye Coordination, motor and spatial skills: The motor games or shooting games, a character always runs around and fights back to overcome from the puzzle. This needs real-world playing skill to keep track of the character’s speed, position and where to aim. Many researches suggest that people can learn spatial and visual skills.
• Planning, logistics and multitasking: Games have limited resources and players have to learn and decide the best resource to apply. Strategy games have unexpected surprises and new enemy evolvements, which forces player to be flexible and quickly change the statistics according to the situation.
• Quick planning and solution: Sometimes players have to face challenges every second giving a real work out to the brain. In battle or action games, one has to make quick decisions to face the problems.
• Real life implementation: With all these activities and implementations, mind becomes sharp; kids also learn some social skills through game and manage this in real life.

The bad factors of Video games: -
• Most of the bad of the bad effects of video games are blamed on their violence content. Children involved in more video games are more likely to increase aggressive behavior and thoughts.
• Too much video game is also not good, because it makes the child socially isolated. They might not want to get involved in outdoor sports activities. Sometimes they may tend to less interact with family or friends.
• Games create confusion between real life and fantasy.
• While some studies show, games are good for concentration; many other studies points towards the attention issues of video games.

In between all the confusion between the advantages and disadvantages associated with video games, you might be confused. So, you have to monitor these video games just like you do for television and other media.

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