How social media has changed us?


It’s quite hard to believe that social media was a budding trend, just a decade ago. Back in 2005, Facebook was in its early stage and many of us signed up just to chat with friends. Twitter appeared like a platform to post something or anything. LinkedIn was just a digital resume platform and Google+ was not even there followed by Pinterest and other social media platforms.

In fast forward to 2014, social media has become the key part of our modern lifestyle. It has evolved as a useful marketing channel for any type of business.

Social media channels are evolving with billions of active users. Now we can connect with our friends and get news feeds with these. There was a time, when Smartphones were only used for communication. Now the world has completely changed, where we cannot even conceive of a world without Smartphones and social networking.
Given that most of the media companies have a social media profile, spreading news & information about themselves and covering major media story. Many people are attracted to Twitter and Facebook for the immediate access to a vast source of information.

Social media is also helpful for expanding sources of content as a whole. With so much has been blogged and written, which are shared in the social media proactively after being organized; content volume is growing exponentially.

These platforms also provide pervasive connectivity to the users. You can always tweet, send Facebook message to catch up with people. We can share jokes, images and mingle with any message.

Now-a-days Hashtags have become very popular. You can create any message associated with specific trend, topic or event and filter out everything not related to Hashtag. Twitter originated this tag and it gradually made its way out to other social media platforms.

The most important after all is that social media is providing more levels of opportunity for businesses of any volume. It provides global reach to many voices. Business can amplify their message more conveniently and reach targeted audience. In old days, a company had to pay millions of bucks to reach people out there. Large companies were ruling the business world before. But these days, any small company can achieve its goals within days of launching their business, if the cards fall right.

So, we can say that social media has given us a whole new communication medium.

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