How SEO has changed in the past few years?


We always hear some chorus of folks claiming that SEO is dead, but it’s still there and will continue to maximize success to businesses until the day search engines can no longer drive significant traffic to websites (which is not going to happen for a long, long time, or may be never). Well, we can say it has evolved and changed significantly over these past few years.

To identify further, the only thing that has changed about SEO is the search engines are now projecting their own rules and guidelines for listing websites. These strategies by search engines are drastically evolved and implemented to avoid spam and provide best possible search results to the users. People who have been using short cut methods for quick financial return are experiencing worst days because of the change. Sadly, there are a lot of such folks adapting negative SEO.

Search engine optimization is always important part of online marketing landscape, where the path to achieve long term success is always the same. Basic fundamentals of SEO are still important, if done within the guidelines. It yields desirable results for both small to large scale businesses.

There are certain things which have never changed in SEO. Keyword research, technical issue correction, on-page optimization using HTML tags, internal and external link building, image and video optimization, performance analysis etc. are always there.

Link building has total different meaning these days. Links are supposed to be votes of relevancy based on the strength of the content. Businesses that used genuine tactics never have to change anything with Google’s updates. Link building does not focus on quantity these days; it rather focuses on quality, reputation and relevancy of the website pointing to yours.

Content marketing has evolved and it is often considered as the modern SEO. Google evaluates a website with the quality of content. As, web is a vast source of information, spreading the news about a business, product or service is always helpful. After Google’s Panda update, content has been the top priority and has been doing really well ever since. However, it is costly, time consuming and requires clear vision about a business and marketing plan as well. Content marketing is the best example of genuine SEO practices and leads towards many benefits associated with SEO.

Today’s digital marketing is much inclined towards social media. The social pages have become critical aspect of SEO campaign which complements content marketing and helps to acquire high quality links. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the best social channels in terms of digital marketing.

Now a lot of people are realizing the new shifts of SEO and finally starting to get a better perspective to do well in business.

Search engines have gotten better to eliminate false signals these days. They are continuously updating and flipping their algorithm where marketers are adjusting their strategy and activities accordingly.

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