How music in video games affects our experience


The popularity of video games is increasing exponentially over time. They have a significant influence upon popular culture. Because, accessing Internet has become simpler and easier, Video game culture is evolving.

Video games are successful for its functionality, graphics, easy-to-access, etc. However, just like the technical elements in the game, music also plays an integral part and contributes to the soul entity of the game. It can also indicate the type of game you think it is going to be.

Games having very pleasant music are generally joyful and light-hearted. They are just there for light entertainment and makes good time. Serious games have slow, solemn, or dark music. If music and game format do not incorporate with each other, it might feel off sometimes.

Some games do not incorporate with music; it only needs sound effects, miscellaneous noises, and maybe the occasional bit of ambience in certain times. Many games deal with the morality of murder and violence. The background is continuous in these games, but when there is action, or killing enemies, a different music effect comes. Collecting coins and getting some new reward with certain beats of music cheers up the player.

Psychologically, music has certain affects on our mind. We are well aware how music changes our mood. Our mood and our emotions influence our choices in music. The music in turn, affects our mood, emotions, and so on. When we feel sad, we do not want to listen to the joyous and freedom songs. We rather choose the songs which sings about the pain we feel or dealing with a similar situation.

In case of playing video games, you may not notice your heightened sense of awareness as the music beat speeds up. Sometimes, you might not even notice the characters face. All we know is the intensity, pleasure, and excitement after finishing levels and getting rewards. Even though we may not directly notice the music, it is subconsciously affecting how we feel about the flow of the game.

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