Holidays in San Francisco – Best Activities to Enjoy


A holiday in San Francisco is very much fun and exciting. It is the west coast city with good climate and mild weather. For a family picnic or a group excursion, there is everything for your enjoyment. One can celebrate a holiday anytime a year, but November to January starts with a holiday season. In the festive time, many cultural events are held and a lot of shopping itineraries found everywhere in the city. You can find reduced hotel packages during this time. So, you are in luck to visit the wonderful city. If you are a local here pack your holiday with a Black Friday and a cyber Monday ahead of you. Usually in these weekend days, people go for shopping. This is exciting, but does not sound like real fun. There are a lot of adventure activities to do in here. The city is always abuzz with holiday spirit, party, fun and is a hotbed of cultural displays, musical & dramatic performances, arts and crafts fairs to put you in the perfect mood for celebration. At Christmas fair city is decorated colorful with lights, cultural displays, music Fests, art & craft displays and dramatic performances of people. There is a list of things you could try in a holiday.

San Francisco is one of the main attractions for cruising on its Bay. The city’s weather condition is different in a good way. Summer and winter both are similar, as not too sunny and not too cold. On a good southerly breezing set out for a venture with proper dress which allow breathable foul. Most of the water sport organizes in between December to February. In SF there is a 40 percent chance for rain. Bay area hills surrounding you and clouds overhead drags people for water games. Best in rain Sailing San Francisco is the cool air wind. Waterproof pants and jackets are most required in this condition. Now have a perfect ride on a scary rainy day. Hiking on the Bay Area Hills is an adventure itself.

Golden Gate bridge is a world famous bridge being famous tour destinations. Watch closely the red and white fleet closely while cruising on a yacht. You can also visit, walk, hike and cruise watch closely here. Know the history and new merchandised information about the bridge. Go to the Pavilion to learn more exciting things about the bridge. San Francisco is famous and known as the restaurant city in the USA and all over the world. Many big five star restaurants to street foods everything available here, vary from high to less price. Many international Cuisines such as Chinese, Asian, Mexican and Italian Cuisines all are there in everywhere. People come here to experience fresh seafood available in famous seafood restaurants.

Walk around the place, go on a vehicle and stop for a while to watch the scenic sunset reflection on water. If you are in San Francisco and have not tried sailing, then you would miss the thrill. Plan for a sailing adventure on the never ending water surface when the weather is supported with a consistent wind breeze and mild temperature. Alcatraz is the infamous prison with not used omnious buildings. Many Hollywood film suiting in here has made the place famous, which drags many travelers every year.


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