Why Guaranteed SEO Results don’t exist ?


SEO is the optimization technique used to make a website visible in search engines so that people would easily find your website. Every website owners are using the popular technique. When the website owner starts with it, they get very much excited about getting higher rank on the search engine results especially on Google’s search engine. Google has more over 200 ranking signals which are continuously altering and updating. Catching regular updates and include new tactics in optimization are the best way for better result. Google is also being transparent about the interpret of data and the techniques used to rank a website. But, the algorithms itself is a secret. So, the SEO process involves a lot of trial, errors and success. Something that worked now may not work after a month. Previously, there were less competition, so it was easy to rank on the top of the search engine. To avoid spam and providing best relevant results, search engines are putting much effort in personalizing search. It depends on location, search history, Google account, active in Google+. All these connections link towards best relevant results. However, it is almost impossible to expect guaranteed SEO results because of all the alterations and updates.

It is not sure of how quickly the mystery result will happen. SEO is a long term work process followed by all rules and guidelines. If the SEO process goes wrong somewhere, you have to pay a huge penalty. No SEO professionals or SEO company guaranty you the top position, even the influx of visitors. The main reason behind this is the continuous alteration behind Google algorithm. The things you have used before might be a reason of penalty now. No one can really understand except the Google developers. If you are practicing the guidelines of quality SEO, then you can surely reach the right customers and get more business. Use of good SEO leads towards improved results, but not sure of the top position. The good SEO firms promise an increase in value traffic. Getting good rank means you get more visitors looking into your products. It might be the case that they are not the right visitors, but still there is a better chance of generating more leads. So, you should concern more about what your website is offering rather than worrying for the rank. Using search engine optimization, the long keywords gets higher rank. There is less competition in these keywords and showed movement in rank results. Using black hat optimization techniques might result a penalty from Google. Keep a stable reputation stays stable with the search engines. For higher rank domain age is one of the important fact. It is the trust and reputation, search engines mostly look for.

Every business and their website are different in various aspects. SEO may vary from one business to another.  Sometimes it may take time to get results. But, we can say SEO is the long term process and investment after all. Take advantage of the proper tactics and get higher rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing.


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