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Google is the most well-known Search Engine and considered as the most relevant after getting launched. The company features numerous product and software services. These products are Search Engine, advertising services, communication & publishing tools (like hangouts, drive, docs, and Classroom etc.), Map tools, statistical tools like Analytic’s, Trends, operating system (Android, Chrome OS, and Google TV), different types desktop applications (includes Google’s earth, chrome, Picasa, and Notifier, etc.), mobile web applications (it can be accessed through a mobile device browser, including Google+, News, drive, calender and YouTube etc.), different hardware services (including all Nexus devices), and many other services (e.g. Google Fiber, and Crisis response, etc.). Google introduces the latest technology in all its products and services. It also uses its own technology in all its services. Gmail and Drive for storing documents and communication, Android devices for mobile needs, etc. In market its product is the most popular for business and consumer alike. The technology is still emerging like Cloud, so looking at Google means looking into the future.

Nowadays people search everything from Google Search Engine Only. It provides information relevant to the keyword you have typed. Google has made its major algorithm updates in three years. The latest and most important algorithm update is Humming Bird update. According to the update, search engine tries to the information which are the best answers it believes. The hummingbird is the new engine built on new and existing parts as well designed in a way to serve the search demands with the developed technologies. It focuses on each word in the search query rather than the main phrase to understand the meaning better. Basically we can say, the hummingbird is designed to apply the meaning technology to billions of pages from across the web, in addition to Knowledge Graph facts, which may bring back better results.

Another major technology Google has included this year is Android Kitkat. The coolest features of the OS includes priority to contacts, the use of cartoon ideograms in your text, Quick office integration gives easy to edits documentation, spreadsheets with Microsoft Office and Google Docs, Improved caller ID retrieves caller ID information using local listings in Google Maps, full-screen albums, movies with greater controls, inventive display that hides navigation controls and status bar while playing video, voice recognition for search anything from Google and better memory management. The newly integrated technology has improved the Android’s user experience. Nexus, Motorola, Micro-max, Samsung and Sony phones quickly building their devices in the newest version of Android.

These two are the major changes that affect the marketplace and technology. Apart from that Google brings Self Driving car, Google TV integrated with TV programming & and the internet, Google Replay that customize popular tweets to browse chronologically, street view feature of the maps, calling phones from Gmail, and Google balloon for internet, etc. Almost every internet user use Google regularly and the company brings best Operating System, best Search engine and best technology, you can now integrate your life with developing modern technology from Google.


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