Generate qualified leads with AdWords and Call Blocking


Internet marketing is ruling the modern market now for technology development. Competition seems to be increasing day by day in between these past few years. You can find anyone using internet regularly uses the Google search engine. Google has become immensely popular with its best service. So people are keen in getting higher rank in the Search Engine Result Pages of this much talked about search engine. New tactics are continuously evolving to manage the search results which can boost more money from your small or large business. Some of these key factors include SEO, PPC and advertisements on various platforms. As we know, Google is continuous manipulating all other search engines, it is the best idea to use the best techniques to get good ranking on the top of it. SEO is the process of using certain optimization techniques, terms, and guidelines to gain website visibility in organic search engine result, where you do not have to pay. PPC is the Pay Per Click optimization technique also, the internet advertising model, where you can find your website is highlighted on top of the search engine with an easy payment method. You have to pay Google if any viewer clicks on your website. Advertisement refers to the featured ads and contents on the listed sites by search engines, generating automatic text, media advertisements and videos on various websites. All the three techniques, mainly focus towards audiences and getting leads. AdWords has undoubtedly been the feasible medium to drag right customers to your web page. To take the full advantage of the service, you have to track all offline and online conversions. The basic thing you need to focus is to ingrate call tracking service to your PPC campaign and associate your customers by placing proper keywords, ads and ad groups.

Google’s call extension allows advertisers to display their phone number along with their PPC search results. It offers a number generated dynamically and if any call goes to that number, it gets recorded and forwarded to your specified number. At the time of the call, conversion is recorded and reported on your AdWords Portal. When a searcher clicks on the number to place a call, you have to pay according to that. With another option you can also integrate your own tracking number, but the procedure is time-consuming and the set up is not easy. You can not be able to check your offline conversions in this option directly in AdWords service. The Offline conversion tracking feeds, reports and AdWords campaign can work together to boost success in business. It is very much effective in optimizing Google AdWords campaigns. In these past few years Smartphones are being one of the main reason to drive sales. Using the proper technique you can get more leads and Marketers can get credit for every lead. Business does not only rely on existing clients, more leads and clients are needed for the business growth. Use essential optimization techniques and campaigns for best results.


This Article is suggest by Spritz San Francisco, it’s a Internet Marketing Agency in California specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, PPC Campaign Management.


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