Fresh seafood benefits and how to pick them in San Francisco


Seafood is one of the popular food choices in the world. As the concern of eating healthy and good food is increasing day by day, people are opting for healthy seafood dishes. Fish or shellfish in the diet, makes a healthy eating alternative, packed with energy, protein, essential vitamins and less fat.

Almost all popular varieties of seafood we eat are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 is an essential antioxidant our body requires. This is because it is an integral part of cell membranes throughout the body and affects the function of the cell receptors in these membranes. Though we have various other sources to get this antioxidant, it is not sufficient as per the body’s requirement. Hence, seafood is the best option we have to get omega-3.

Due to the vitamin and nutrient content in fishes and shellfish, people are looking for different ways to consume them. One can prepare seafood dishes at home or enjoy a delighting meal at the seafood restaurants. It is also important to check the quality of the seafood first. Seafood is considered good quality if it is fresh and sustainable. Fresh seafood is both healthy and tasty.

People from coastal areas can get seafood from the local fish market. Other sources are the canned or frozen versions. Sometimes you can find seafood in supermarkets is three weeks old. Picking good quality seafood makes for a healthy and delicious seafood meal.

Use these basic tips to identify fresh fish and other seafood.

  • First take a look at the body: Fresh fish body is shiny, metallic and clean. If dulled, discolored patches are found on them, then the quality is not good.
  • Smell your seafood: Fresh seafood should smell like clean water or a touch briny or even like cucumbers. Under no circumstances, should you buy foul-smelling seafood. Good cooking style won’t improve the taste.
  • Identify freshness from fish gills: They should be rich red. If the fish is old, the gills will turn to a faded brick color.
  • Look for bright, clear eyes. The eyes are the windows to a truly fresh fish, for they fade quickly into gray dullness. Dull-eyed fish may be safe to eat, but they are past their prime.
  • It’s pretty easy to tell if lobsters, crab and other living seafood are fresh. Usually when they are alive, thrashing about actively, and their tank water is clean, they’re fresh. If you are purchasing seafood in canned containers, check the expiry date first and then buy.

You may have opted for seafood for its health benefits and rich taste, but you should not overlook the quality. Check the quality of restaurant seafood and know where they get their ingredients.

San Francisco is located near the bay and here you can get fresh and quality seafood. Fisherman’s Wharf in SF is heaven for seafood lovers. You can get varieties of seafood from local fisherman’s market and prepare your seafood dishes at home.

Seafood restaurants in San Francisco manifest tradition of food making and design a menu from local and seasonal offerings. Many restaurants also provide a sustainable seafood menu. So, enjoy your dining out at these restaurants with an amazing meal.


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