My Dream Adventure with the Sailboat


Everyone has got a dream of adventure which they want to fulfill some day. Some people like to explore more and travel all around the world. Who does not feel happy with the contact of water. It brings the joyous feeling and it is a scientific reason for so, because our brain reacts differently with water sounds, waves and mild wind breezing. So, what we have to do is to take a boat to the sea and feel the mesmerizing moments and adventurous feelings. We live a busy life and sometimes we definitely need an escape from the stress and boredom for some time. There is no better way than to set into the waters, dense forests or the hills. Sailing, hiking and trekking are the most adventurous activities always come to our mind in the first place. I love spending time on vast water and experience adventure with the crazy animals. While on the sailboat, we always feel free, getting away from the noisy, crowded life where nobody is there to tell you anything. You can literally go anywhere you want.

I find the best part of cruises are the adventure activities associated with the sailboat. It is an effortless adventure and takes your breath away. Doing scuba diving, snorkeling in the middle of the water is amazing. You can go for Cool, Warm or adventure sailing. On the Alaskan sea, you can find the weather is really cold and offers a different experience of cruising. The Caribbean cruise is warm weather cruising. You can rent a sailboat from the nearby sea area. If you are more like an adventure person like me, you can go for the sailing in rain or in  bad weather. Believe me, some people often say, their best sailing has been on the opposing weather. When the water is trickling on your boat, tract of water continuously forcing you not to move further, you can feel the winning experience after overcoming from the situation.

Sometimes, it is all about luxury. Watching the sunset and sunshine, having romantic dinner with your mate and feel the moderate wind touching your body. There are yachts equipped pretty well to provide you luxurious journey in every possible way. There are majestic yachts which have casinos, simple pleasure of gaming. There is no rules for gaming or there are no restrictions. You can do whatever you want. Watching the sunset and sunrise on the crystal clear water is spectacular. A romantic evening comes out with a perfect sunset cruise. There is always fresh air, watch greenery from the nearby forest and watch the wildlife of water. Different bird species of different colors from small to big, magnificent whales  and various types of fishes, you would love to watch them closely. When eagles prey for the fishes is something amazing.

One of my best sailing experience was in the San Francisco Bay. Watching the red and white fleets of the Golden gate Bridge, the heavy waves near it, and fishing are always on my favorite list of adventures. It is important to take professionals with you to guide you in any difficulties. So hire the local and private yacht charters from the nearby area of the Bay. Enjoy your adventure sailing in San Francisco.

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