Describe Make-in-India Program

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi releasing the logo at the inauguration of the “MAKE IN INDIA”, in New Delhi on September 25, 2014.

The Prime Minister of India has taken an initiative to start the marketing campaign to attract businesses and the campaign is followed by the slogan called “Make in India”. Narendra Modi has made prioritized the focus towards public enterprises and heavy industries to empower and generate employment in India. Many sectors are included to develop, including automobiles & components, Chemical, Biotechnology, electrical and electronic systems, defense, construction, IT & development sector, railway, pharma, textile, thermal, tourism and almost all types of industries. The campaign aims to make India as a manufacturing hub and economic transformation in the country. This process should eliminate all the unnecessary laws and regulations and make all the bureaucratic process easier and simpler. Government tends to become responsive, accountable and more transparent to public with this program. The Indian Government crafted a framework of making clearances through a single online portal with many issues of infrastructure, labor laws and skill development. Education has given the main priority and hopes to employ many people with decent jobs. The ambitious government project hopes to make India as a powerful country over the world. India is a developing country and needs to grow at a faster rate. To move the country from the service-driven growth model to manufacturing-driven growth model, people expect a lot from the project.

India has shown stagnant growth in the past few years, but still it is not enough for such a large population. A large chunk of jobs are required to give earnings to so many people. Farming employs nearly 50 percent of Indian population. If India succeeds in the project, it will be a remarkable development in the world history with significant changes in the economy. The main issues in the country is governance, which refers to taxpaying, construction permits, etc. The minimum government and maximum governance theory can lead towards development. If India has world-class infrastructure, many companies will come here to invest. To accomplish the project, the government has to do a lot of investment which needs larger funding. Initial steps have already taken to attract investors. Then there is transportation infrastructure which is very poor in the country. Many roads need to be constructed and railway development can meet the needs of transportation of goods. With the combination of a good transportation and taxation may go a long way in the future. To set up a large manufacturing constraint, manpower is most important. From the urban landscape many workers can work in these industries. Urbanization is important to support the dream of building many smart cities. The most important fact is to encourage Labors. There are some outdated labor laws discourage labor hiring. New labor rules are amended to make all the processes even easier.

After Modi has become PM, a lot of action has taken. The ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’ and now all the improvement by ‘Make in India’ are giving hopes for India to become one of the influential countries of the world.

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