How to Convert Clothing Sizes from Girl to Lady


Girls and women are always into fashion clothes and accessories. All ranges of fashionable clothes are available for women of all age groups. Previously dresses were stitched by tailors for a personal fit. Since human body dimensions are small, different sizes of the dresses were manufactured. The size chart varies according to the country. All women can choose their clothes according to their body size. Smaller women are too petite for the range regular fit available for all women can use clothes for teens and older children. Also, some girls are big for their age can get the proper size by getting their dresses from ladies section. But if you are purchasing online, it might be a tough task to navigate. If you are buying a dress, here are some tips to remember.

Baby or girls clothing is there for small children. For more grown up girls (just 5 feet or little more height) there are Young Junior, Miss Petite and Junior Petit to choose from. For 5’5” women’s or misses clothes are designed. First look for what clothes you wear and find the size. However, sometimes it is hard to decide what type of clothing you have. Especially, when you are in the middle of looking at a bundle of dresses of Junior, Misses and Women’s. The Misses clothing is sold at market for ladies whereas; women clothing is plus sized available in the market. You may find a W mark after the size, number in women’s dresses. Both the dress types come in uneven numbers and junior size is in uneven numbers. Clothing for children are available according to a particular age in usual size. If you are a girl with a larger body or a woman with very small body, then you can convert from girls’ size to misses size. Basically, the size varies in between 10-14 clothing size of girls. If you are not a grown up girl then be aware of the hip size in Misses size, as it is larger than the junior.

Measurement according to body shape is another important factor. Juniors, misses and girls have different bust and hip measurements. Juniors dresses have smaller and Misses have larger measurements. Converting between sizes might be tough, according to measurement, so you have to try the dresses once, just know the best fit for yourself. Grown up ladies looking into the junior section might choose a larger dress. Pants are designed according to hip development. For girls it is very narrow and small, junior clothing have a smaller hip allowance, Misses are designed for slim & less curvy women and The plus size or women’s pants are available with more curvy shapes. First, determine what style suits on you. The dress fits vary according to designer brands. After successful measurement of your particular clothing go for shopping of your favorite clothes. Clothing size differs also country wise (in USA, Europe, Japan, and UK). So, if you are in another country and want to shop a few clothing, then learn their size chart conversions. Your dress speaks about you. Always get perfect fit clothing and show your inner beauty.


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