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As an online marketer, you must be looking forward various ways to draw customers’ attention. You must have tied up with various initiatives or used highly efficient SEO tools for keyword research and technical audit. This means all attention is driven to the website. But, in this competition era of marketing, it is important to look how your site is performing against all other websites out there and what strategies they are using.

Sometimes, you might get a feeling that no matter what you do, you are not getting desired outcome. It might be possible that your strategy lacks something or competition is too strong. Under a competitive niche, you just can’t simply afford to keep an eye on everyone else. Well, even you don’t have much competitive niche; you can win only after analyzing your competitors’ success and failure.

There is a strong possibility that your SEO service has direct effect on the search engine results. To hedge over the fierce marketplace, learn about the players in the market; their sales and marketing tactics. Use these techniques to analyze the SEO competition.

Identifying SEO Competitors

Even if you think, you are already aware of your competitors, it’s important to verify each of them. Online competitors are very different than the offline ones. It’s not always easy to find them also. Sometimes blog pages, online directories compete for the same keywords. There are various online tools available which let you search businesses by domain and keyword. Find the top 50 list using top 50 keywords of yours. Record all the data including competition level, search volume and other valuable information to prioritize competitors and keywords.

SERP Analysis and Links

After finding a list of your competitors, check their SERP rank with your targeted keywords. Tag keywords with inputs and track performance of various websites. Link authority is the key aspect in determining why other pages are outranking your website and favoring your competitors.

SEO Metrics

If any of your competitors has rank one on Google for a specific keyword, record its SEO metrics for that page and compare with your website. Specifically, check for the unique root domains and tool links. These are certain factors you should look for a great performing website.

  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Recently added links
  • Unique root domains and a total links flowing to the domain (backlinks)
  • Social metrics (such as, Facebook shares, Google +1s)
  • Anchor text (text used to hyperlink to a page)
  • Ratio of normal “follow” links to “no follow” links
  • Internal to external links ratio

Competition over Paid Search Listing

Paid search may be a series on SEO, but never miss this factor as it has great effects on search results. Search engine marketing or simply PPC lists a webpage on top of the organic search results.

You would be surprised with the useful information and develop your website further. After identifying all the SEO processes used by other similar business like yours, you get a clear roadmap towards success with critical keywords. For more information about SEO, visit our SEO Company in San Francisco at Spritz.


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