Children’s Day


Children are innocent and conquer hearts with their beautiful smiles. It is even said that, kids resemble God because of their breathtaking smile, innocence and sweetness. They are the future of everything. Remembering the childhood memory brings the most memorable moments. Going to school with friends creates an amazing friendship bond. The simple fun of life, playing with friends, surrounded by our favorite teacher, their inspiring thoughts & principles, summer vacations, and knowing that parents are there for everything. All the fun in life is amazing. To make children feel more special and honor them, Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries. This celebration focuses to promote mutual understanding and exchange among children. The celebration also initiates the action of benefit and promotes the welfare of children. UNICEF conducts special programs of delivering vaccines, gives special health care services and education on the day. It is not just the day to bring fun moments to children, but also bring awareness among them to oppose violence, discrimination and exploitation. The whole world celebrates Children’s day on November 20 and in India it is on 14th November. India celebrates it on Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday, the first prime minister of the country.

Nehru was very bright & brilliant as a child. His father sent him to study MA from Cambridge in England. Later he returned to India and felt that he should help poor. Along with Mahatma Gandhi, he took part in the freedom struggle against the British government in India. After the freedom of India, he became first prime minister of free India. He was very fond of kids and loved to spend time with them. Children called him ‘Chacha Nehru’ which means uncle Nehru. He was also very fond of roses. He always said, children are like birds and flowers. They were very easy to make friendship with. Children do not know caste, religion, nation, party, province, rich or poor. Nothing is a barrier for them. He always wanted to develop the nation with children. He wanted to educate them in every possible way. He was a man of poetry and loved to write. Nehru was the main reason all the development towards children. By enhancing the youth progress, he developed many institutions. For their wellness and education, he established the Indian Institute of Technology, AIIMS. There is no duty more important than to nurture our future successors. In India still there is child labor, so let children know their basic rights is something we can do to ensure the country’s future.

On the auspicious memory of Nehru, to tribute him and his love for the little children, India celebrates Children’s Day with joy and grace. All over the country creates joyous moments with various cultural programs on the day. Social events, corporate events and some institutions arrange competition among children. Engaging the kids with folic is the basic procedures many schools and institutions follow. Children are offered with sweets, cakes, and chocolates. Teachers mostly organize the events. Special television and radio programs are aired on channels on this auspicious day.

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