Best Place for Group Dining in SF


Spending some quality time with friends and families brings some memorable moments in our life. Since, we all are busy in our monotonous life we all need some time to celebrate. During weekends, holidays and celebrations, family, relatives and friends come together. Going out for a dining with good food and drink is the first thing we want for a group meeting. Before setting out for a party its important to consider some of the finest restaurants in your location. Before going out, consider the cuisine you want to have. There are some of the famous cuisine to choose from including ‘Italian Seafood and dishes’, Chinese Cuisine, Indian, Thai or, Popular American Cuisine. As, you are in a group you need a spacious place according to your group size. See, for the restaurants providing you proper arrangement. You should implement some fun plans and ideas with perfect place. Go for a local dining in your place and enjoy satisfying conversation with friendly lunch or dinner. Try to do some adventure and fun activities to feel the thrilling experience. In San Francisco, there are some of the famous places to go for a group dining. There are some of the famous cuisines worth of spending money to have such delicious food. Scoma’s is one of the best places to go for a group dining restaurant.

Scoma’s is the famous seafood restaurant located at Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 47, SF. This hidden gem is a tricky place with boathouse type decoration. It is located close to the bay, so you can catch a glimpse of the sea and the beautiful view of the city. Seafood offered here is the season’s freshest catch. The restaurant has a changing menu filled with all your favorite seafood dishes and amazing appetizers. Salmon, Crab dishes & cakes, scallops, prawns, oysters and lobsters are prepared with fresh seasonings. Basically, this restaurant prepares Italian seafood dishes. Your dining will be served full of seafood items with rice, pasta, and vegetables. This perfect epitome menu is served with sweetened buttery wine sauce. You can feel the sweet, decadent flavor of of seafood aroma in each bite. Ciopinno served here is quite big and sufficient for 3-4 people. Friendly service of each staffs with delicious food may attract you to come more often. This place is a bit pricy, but spending for such food is worth the cost.

The spectacular upfront view and arrangement have made it a tourist spot. For group partying events there is no better place to have Italian Seafood. For your group dining to be more specials, the restaurant designs a special menu, personalized service and a perfect private dining location. It accommodates up to 85 attendants. Most of the time the restaurant is full, so it offers limited reservations booking. If you are an Italian seafood lover, go to  this restaurant. Make a group reservation quickly and set out with your mates. Have a nice time in this beautiful spot.



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