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The greatest problem our world is facing today is environment pollution which is causing grave danger to the earth. The responsibility of stopping pollution is becoming more and more important these days, because the air we are breathing contains hazardous chemicals, waterways and ocean are infected with poisoned substances. This environment contamination has slapped the beauty and exuberance of the diverse earth. Now it’s our turn and to do our own part of being eco friendly.

Every year we are celebrating earth day to raise awareness against environmental issues and demonstrate encouragement for environmental protection. One billion of people are celebrating this day every year on April 22nd. It is also holiday in some places. People engage in some outdoor activities with the group or individually and try to benefit the earth’s environment in different ways. Kids are motivated with earth friendly activities. Saving energy, eco friendly habits and green living are considered on this day.

So, let’s focus about some eco-friendly habits and change our life style a little bit. The first thing you should do is to protect water source. Always make sure to turn off the tap water while brushing your teeth, take short shower (long bath wastes a plenty of water), use water saving appliances and always fix leakage in water pipes. If you find your local water is much dirty, take further efforts. Participate in cleaning up waterways, and stand against the polluters.

The more chemical you use, you move more towards pollution. Cultivate in an organic way. Do not use pesticides and let your pants grow in a more wild way. Use natural body care items than the chemical ones. Your hair and body will thank you.

Electricity is powering our day to day life. So, conserving electricity is one of the best ways to protect environment. Most of the times we forget to turn off light, fan or computer and leave the room. So, check on electronic appliances Solar or wind powered electricity generate less emission keeping your home environment friendly. Remember to turn off electronic appliances while not in use. The incandescent bulbs need more energy, so switch to energy saving light source (such as the modern LEDs).

Vehicles tend to pollute our environment more and more these days. Do not rely much on cars, use public gateways, bikes or walk instead. It is beneficial for health and environment as well.

Eat a lot of greens from local stores. Go to the local stores and buy fresh vegetables. Get your greens from the local farmer’s market. It’s always good to grow some vegetables and other foods at home.

Support wildlife and respect animals. Prefer sustainable label in your food, those are grown without damaging the environment.


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