Beach Getaways in Hong Kong


Are you looking for a place that offers fast paced city life and also has the charms of a beach getaway? The tourists that come on a time schedule find it very pleasing to enjoy two different types of ambiance at one place. This amazing Asian destination will satisfy your vacation needs from some stunning beaches, incredible shopping opportunities as well as some spectacular architecture. The beaches in Hong Kong are quite different than those found in Thailand. They offer travellers relief from their fast-paced lives andallows them relaxing and cozy surroundings. Many tourists board cheap flights to Hong Kong through Air bridge Traveland visit the following famous beaches.

  1. Turtle Cove Beach

Located on the west of Tai Tam Reservoir, the Turtle Cove Beach is a beautiful leisure beach which is equipped with toilets, changing rooms and showers. Many families come here for picnics and bonfires to have a quality gathering. It also consists of BBQ pits which are used by visitors that come here.

  1. Shek O Beach

It is popular beach among the beach-lovers and is located on the southeastern part of Hong Kong Island. You will find plenty of services here like lifeguards, some terrific restaurants, shark nets, changing rooms etc.

  1. Big Wave Bay

If you like surfing on the waves this is the beach you must visit. Just located on the north of Shek O Beach this is designated for surfers only.

  1. Stanley Main Beach

It is Hong Kong’s most famous beach and has all the facilities one can think of. The southern end of Hong Kong Island where this beach is located at is known for its western style restaurants and bars that line the waterfront.

  1. Golden Beach

This beach is for sports enthusiasts. It is the only beach you will find volley ball court and will find visitors playing football on the sand. It is also Hong Kong’s first artificial beach. It also has number of facilities like restaurants, refreshment centers, shopping mall and other beach facilities.

  1. Sai Kung Beach

If you are looking for a beach to spend quality day time with your family and kids, Sai Kung Beach is one the best spots you’ll ever visit. It is located on the eastern end of the New Territories and the area is quite popular for watersport lovers.

  1. Silvermine Bay Beach

This is the largest beach in Hong Kong and is located in Lantau Island. Silvermine Bay Beach also has a reputation for being one of the cleanest beaches in Hong Kong and its surrounding islands. Not only this but it is also has a very easy access from the island and is just 5-minute walk away from MuiWo ferry pier. If you are visiting Hong Kong with family this is another exceptional beach to spend your time on. It is surrounded by many hotels and guests houses so it is also a good idea to live nearby if you wish to visit this Bay Beach.

  1. Tong Fuk Beach

This beach is famous for its recreation and lavish facilities. Tong Fuk Beach has crystal clear blue water which enhances its beauty like no other beach. It is also popular among tourists who rent hotels and accommodation nearby.


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