Why Asian people like Seafood


Asian people always eat healthy and fresh food. The basic food of Asia includes Rice, noodles, dairy products, seafood and large amount of vegetables. Asian cuisine is one of the most favorite cuisine of the world. The eating style is so different than the western countries. Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Thailand cuisines mostly represent the Asian food all over the world. Chinese dishes are spicy and saucy, while Indian guys only care about the taste. Japanese people engineer the dishes with perfect craft work and prefer eating the fresh and healthy version. Thai people make their dishes really amazing. Availability of all types of vegetables and seafood makes the best choice of eating. Most of the Asian countries are surrounded by ocean and sea. The large Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Coral sea, South China Sea, Bay of Bengal and Philippines sea cover a lot of countries. Due to this, the continent enjoys the benefits of eating seafood in larger quantity. Traditionally, people from the continent are producing fish in mass quantity, they also provide them to different other countries of the world. In festival and celebrations fish is the important eating essential. Seafood is often considered as a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

Asian geography and culture is the main reason to have seafood. The eating habits make the people strong and boney. Other parts of the world focus eating red meat, but this continent surely loves more seafood and rice. Fishes also contain many essential health benefiting vitamins and nutrients. People always find some excuse to eat their favorite food. If it is loaded with all essentials, then there is no stop for eating. Even the continent has abundance choice of eating all varieties, still they follow their tradition. Fisherman’s market in each area serves the freshest and wide variety of food. The fishing industry is very big here. Some people say, seafood is so cheap in many Asian countries. Asian people have longer life span because of their eating habits. They always use the fishes, while western countries always prefer eating red meats. Many advantages of eating different varieties of fish and shellfish includes, providing extra care to your heart, blood flow, brain and prevent many diseases. Even if some people fill in the nasty things to us outside the continent, best example lies in front of you. You definitely will get taste, good things from fishes. Chinese people have the tradition of eating fish in the new year. They believe it will bring prosperity and honor for the coming year.

Travelling Asia means having all types of delicious and amazing dishes across the world. An Asian restaurant definitely increases the sensation of taste bud. Asian cuisine has offered the world a new cooking style and people love it more than anything. The flexibility and diverse cultural effects, according to culture, region, religion, food preparation is new with distinctive eating habits. Enjoy all the fun with Chinese seafood on your plate at home or in a modern restaurant. Enjoy best of the continent with its foods.

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