Asian food diversity


Asian food is one of the most preferred cuisines of the world. Asian cuisine is available in wide variety according to different regions, religion and available ingredients. We always need food and eating delicious is surely something we always crave for. Asian cuisine mainly represented by Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine. However, Japanese, Korean and many other country cuisines are there. Asian culture is vibrant and people always love to celebrate with a group gathering. They enjoy big meal. Various countries enjoy a variety of ethnic cuisine. People from different parts of the world come to the continent to taste the best dishes. The Asian dietary culture is quite different than the other country cuisine. It is divided into three parts; southwest (mainly includes India, China, Sri Lanka and Burma, etc), northeast (including China, Korea and Japan) and southeast (including, Thai Land, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia) cuisine.

The south east cuisine, mostly includes blending many hot spices such as, red chili, peppers, black pepper, turmeric, cloves and cinnamon. Curry is the famous dish from this part and the whole world is pretty much fond of it. The cooking style is mainly needs high heat. The northeast cuisine style eating much oil and sauces in cooking. The food and spices used by them promote healthy features and longer life. Japanese people eat healthy cooked food and the Chinese cuisine mainly focuses towards the taste. This part of the continent uses more fat items in food. They mainly focus towards religious traditions. The food here mainly used as a symbolic offering to the ancestors. Chinese cuisine has gained maximum popularity in Asia and all over the world. Due to chilled weather in the northeast, they prefer eating vegetable oil, raw food (like seafood) and use use various frying methods to cook food. The Northeast Asia’s eating style includes light cooking. They always use soy sauce and many herbs, including lemongrass, tamarind, various fish sauce, etc.

The staple food of Asia is Rice. They prefer rice eating every time. They use less amount of meat, which is great for health. Diary products, vegetables, seafood, sweets, meat and eggs are basic food choice other than rice. They prefer eating with chopsticks and spoons. Garlic and ginger are the most important parts of cooking in every cuisine. There are also fusion cuisines found in various parts of Asia and all over the world. Asians are everywhere, so you can find Asian cuisines in America and all other western countries. Asian restaurants are very common in different parts of the USA.

Eating habit of Asians is always considered healthy and delicious by everyone. Use of various herbs and preparation skills are best of Asian eating style. The diversity of the continent reflects in the food. If you want to eat taste of Asia, you always do not have to come to the continent, you can always get them in your city. Find best Asian restaurant in your city and enjoy the goodness of the food.

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