Are you looking for an iWatch? Here is what you should know.


IPhone 6 and 6 plus already created a lot of hype, but it has become old story. What’s new is the iWatch. Wearables are the new trend in the modern electronic device market. Technology is touching the sky and we can find many inventions by the top market players. Apple Company is the tech giant and offering our world some of the most advanced appliances to simplify our day to day life.

IWatch is the recent entry in the market has numerous features, which is effortlessly attracting everyone’s attention. As per the name it is a wrist watch with some of the outstanding features. Basically, the device just works as a super iPod. Apple is always known to put fashion into its product. There’s no doubt that the device look pretty impressive, but people who are fan of designer watches might not like it much.

We can see the future of the smart-watches which may replace your Smartphone. But, it’s too early to predict such things. Right now, we can say these are your phone accessories. The wearable will make us look at phone less. Just like any other smart watch, iWatch can measure heart rate and some physical activities. You can listen to music anytime using Bluetooth headphones, chat with family, keep a track of emails, news updates, and navigate over long car trips.

Just like other Apple devices, iWatch looks promising, beautiful and probably the most ambitious wearable at this time. The costly price range starting from $349 to $17,000 are the biggest flags we found. The battery life is not long as compared to other smartwatches.

Android wear, Samsung and Windows wears are popular in smartwatch market. But, some of the impressive features and apps make the device truly extraordinary. Along with tracking health activity, iWatch receives and dictates messages and send texts, makes speakerphone calls, and make payments with apple pay. You always need your iPhone to do all the things with iWatch. You can connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to extend the range.

A bright OLED display, new S1 processor, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi is mounted on the phone. A built in speaker, accelerometer, gyro meter and heart rate monitor to perform certain activities. Popular apps like Twitter, NY times, CNN and TripAdvisor are some of the high end apps installed in the iWatch.
Power up your life with Apple’s new high-end device.

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