5 Popular foods for better health


Eating healthy and tasty food makes us disease free and vigorous. There are some essential foods to make you healthy and delicious also. Children at the growing age need high amount of protein and vitamins as they are always busy with some activities. Adults require healthy food because they are always busy with work and a stressful life. So, it is important to take care of health always with good food and some exercise. Always do some of the physical activities, yoga apart from eating healthy. Plan a diet chart for every day which should include all low fat enriched with protein and all vitamins. Changing your habits for food intake is a process that involves several stages. It may take a while before changes turn into new habits or, you may face challenges along the way but keep going with it. Here are some healthy foods for better health.

Egg is a Superfood containing tons of essential, but hard-to-get nutrientsthat include antioxidants, choline. Moreover Egg yolk supplies 25 percent of nutrients of daily requirement. The benefits of this Superfood are, it lowers the chances of breast cancer, antioxidants present in it prevents macular degeneration and cataracts. People having heart problem should decrease the amount of eating egg yolks, but for others it does not matter with the amount of eating. You can make omelets with one whole egg and two whites, and watch cholesterol at other meals. Another popular Superfood is yogurt. It is enriched with calcium and immune boosting bacteria. It has the goodness of fat free varieties. The Greek yogurt has twice more protein than regular one. The next time you are going for shopping, try to get the low fat type. Milk, obviously one of the best food in the world. It has calcium, boosts the strong bone, fights fat, provides each nutrient essential for the body. Another must needed content milk has is Vitamin D. Goodness of Vitamin D decreases chances of heart disease, relieves certain cancer types, pain remover, prevent depression, and much more. So doctors always recommend for milk regularly. You can have it with your oatmeal, or drink a glass full of it with breakfast, or adding some delicious chocolate syrup after dinner. Salmon is one of the popular Superfood proved to be the best source of Omega-3 Fatty acid. It is best for cardiac diseases, artery problems, and arthritis. Also, it can fight cancer, obesity and cancer. Best fact for people who want to lose weight is Salmon slows rate of digestion and makes you feel full for a long time period. So, you eat less and get a skinny health. Beans, one of the most perfect food that contains fiber, protein and dozens of key nutrients like calcium, potassium & magnesium. Get rid of high blood pressure, colon and breast cancer. Eat plenty of these Superfood regularly and be healthy.

Apart from these eat all the vegetables, fruits and brown rice. These are the best food to have a fit body. Always take smart choice for your health because it comes first.


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