5 Major Health Issues Sportsmen Suffer From


Sports are among one of the most involving activity around the world. Getting involved in sports is known to offer several benefits which include improve self-esteem, physical fitness, among several others. However, sportsmen are constantly under pressure to perform well from their colleagues, coaches and fans all over the world. Therefore the sportsmen try to do anything that will lead to their success at all costs; at times their health is compromised and they end up developing health conditions. Some of the most common health conditions among sportsmen include;

 Mental Disorders

Most sportsmen begin to exhibit mental disorders towards the end of their career, note that sportsmen career is short as compared to other type of jobs and lasts from 15-25 years. Sportsmen live under constant pressure of optimal performance and this accelerates mental breakdown as it becomes too much for the brain to handle. Being on the watch of millions of people watching your every move calls for keenness and any wrong move and people condemn you. These are called psychological demands which are very huge among sportsmen. Some sports affects the brain directly causing mental disorders, a good example is boxing. The punches from the competing boxers land on their opponents with too much force which causes brain trauma. After a couple of years the effect expresses itself as a mental disorder leading to impaired judgment and other mental failures. Good examples of sportsmen who have developed mental problems include; legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, footballer David Beckham, footballer Robert Enke, Alan Quinlan a rugby player, among many undercover sportsmen.

Eating Disorders

In almost all sports, performance is largely dependent on the physical outfit of the sportsman. Take rugby for instance, muscular and swift players have an added advantage over less muscular and swift opponents. Other sports that lace too much emphasis on athlete’s appearance, size, weight and diet include running, wrestling, bodybuilding and crew. The constant emphasis on physical appearance may make the athlete to adopt a diet that does not rhyme with his body. This in one way or the other can lead to eating disorders. This problem is more common in females as compared to males; however both of them are at risk.

Overtraining Syndrome

This is a term that is used to describe a condition that a body develops after it loses its ability to recover naturally after heavy training. The pressure to perform overwhelms the athletes to an extent that they train in every possible way compromising their health. Some of the warning signs of this syndrome include; headaches, loss in enthusiasm, drop in performance, soreness and tiredness.

Sports Injury

This is caused by the overuse of a certain part of the body leading to trauma in that part. This condition is more common to young athletics whose bones are still growing. Some of the most common sports injury includes heat illnesses, muscle cramps and exertion hypernatremia. This can lead to concussions, dehydration and deaths related to trauma.

Heat Illnesses

High temperature and humidity are the root causes of heat illnesses. Heat illnesses include; heat exhaustion, heat syncope and heat stroke. They are the common causes of sports related deaths amongst athletics. Athletes in Europe are advised to obtain a European Health Card to enable them access medical services with ease in case they develop any of the above conditions.


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