5 Best Seafood Items Served By Scomas Restaurants


Seafood is one of the favorite food choices among every people. In costal areas these are available in plenty amount and shipped to all over the world. One of America’s popular food habits include the seafood. People nowadays are much concerned about their health and carve for healthy and delicious combination. San Francisco being the city of cultural diversity and liberal activism surrounded by the Bay offers some of the amazing things you would ever want. The city is quite popular as restaurant city in the States where you can find street food to national and international cuisines. Due to the Bay, seafood is the most popular here. Many restaurants here serve Italian style and other international style food. If you want to taste in the best restaurant in here you can go to Scoma’s seafood restaurant serving an extensive seafood menu in Italian style. According to World food Journal Italian cuisine is one of the most preferred among food lovers. The food is filled with cheesy, creamy and yummy ingredients to make your mouth watery. Chefs in San Francisco bring international flavorings with local ingredients satisfying the local culture. In Scoma’s the chefs alter the menu according to season’s freshest catch. It is a family operated business created by Al and Joe Scoma. It started with serving their mother’s recipe collection and becoming one of the highest grossing individuals. If you want to taste the best seafood in the city, there are some fabulous items you should never miss at Scoma’s.

Scoma’s brings the best crab cakes made up of Dungeness crabs is one of the most preferred dishes by its customers. Other crab dishes sometimes offered as a hamburger bun or a sandwich. We know that Dungeness crab is the best crab type to make any crab dish. It is tastier than any other type. These items are prepared with the nicest touch of chefs with some highlights and seasonings. Fishes are easily available anywhere and filled with the goodness of Omega-3 fatty acid. Deep fried or seared fishes is the food to crave for. Most people love fish dishes in Scoma’s especially, grilled salmon, Alaskan Halibut, etc. It might be expensive, but worth spending money to get the perfect taste. The delicacy of meat in the  freshest seafood by Scoma’s has always made people have a bite. We cannot forget about Cioppino- the Italian-American dish. This was invented in San Francisco and influences local culture. It is made with a little bit of every ingredient from the sea. It contains all your favorite seafood including scallops, shrimps, mussels, crab meat and any seafood you love to eat. It is spicy and a favorite choice in Scoma’s dining. Clam chowder is another attraction in the delicate menu made creamy and flavorful. It is served with warm and crusty bread and oyster crackers.

It is one of the all time favorite restaurant of many people. The menu and the helping staff is the perfect condition for a nice restaurant. Get your favorite seafood at Scoma’s with great taste in a scenic environment.

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