10 Wine-Pairings to try Before you Die


Drinking a couple of bottles of wine and champagne brings magical experience every time. We always look for an excuse to drink out favorite drinks. Your favorite glass of wine always starts with an amazing evening with friends and family. To enjoy the beautiful spring, or to lavish the winter, we always look for a chance to pop open our favorite bottle of wine to celebrate with a delighting mood. The amazing drink exists in our world from back a thousand years. People also have religious beliefs about wine and drink them on certain occasions. It enlightens our mood in the depth of winter and even the hot summer. Spend some quality time on weekends and holidays either in a restaurant or in the comfy areas of your courtyard, there is no better way to celebrate an enlightening moment than with a glass of wine in your hand. This drink does not have much alcohol and have many health benefits as well. Many people consider of matching their specific food and delicious wine enhances dining experience. You can find the local cuisines always pair with local wines. The modern food pairing has given a new way of consuming food and drinks with certain guidelines. A lot of people are wine loving people and always want to try the best pairings of the world. You should not want  miss these before you die.

Certain elements are necessary while pairing your food and favorite drink. There are fat, salt, acid, sweetness, bitter and texture elements seen in all types of food. The dairy products and meat have fat in large amount. For a balance you need the cabernet-based wine, that melts in your mouth and sets the perfect taste in mouth. Acid elements in salads, add nerve, fitness and lift. Salads work perfectly well with the wines and give one of the best wine pairing. Try for the sparkling wines with fried and salty foods. The salty seafood such as oysters, fried or grilled fishes are delicious choice with your glass of wine. Sweet tasty food makes your drink experience sweeter and tastier. But, your wine should taste more sweetish than the desserts. Some people like bitter food with their wine. Eat light food with light wine and heavy food with your heavy wine. Sometimes you can experiment with the contrast. However, below I have listed some of the delicious pairings worth to try at least once in lifetime.



3. Tomato Salad and Bandol Rose

4. Bouillabaisse with a Spanish Rose

5. Avocado, Tomato and Spinach Crepes with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

6. Pesto Pasta and Vermentino

7. Crispy Artichokes and Soave



10. Duck Breast with Spaetzle, Chanterelles and Spinach Puree and Vintage Brut Champagne.

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